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Dee Dee's Day Before Christmas: Page 3
Bobby & Louis
Here is the next instalment in the Christmas book I am painting for my daughter about her Boston Terrier. I'm getting a little bit more comfortable painting on a small format with watercolours again. I got brave and tried dry-brushing the floor planks and like the effect. The dog running out the door isn't really grey, that is just the flash reflecting. My camera's flash is harsh. I wanted a stronger flash and boy, did I get one! Here is the text that will accompany this page:

"Dee Dee!", Holly screamed. But it was too late. Dee Dee was as fast as lightening as she dashed out the door, down the stairs, and ...


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I LOVE this one!!! the slippers are adorable LOL and just love all of the textures and shadow detail of the entrance. did you do this one from a picture? it is so well done!

plus, the pine cones and boughs of the border are just so original! so if she doesn't love it, well that's ok, i'll take it :B

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